INFRA 10​-​03: Halcyon Dirge

by The NULLL Collective (Synaptic Fracture)

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This month's NULLL Infra release comes from E.M. Hearst's "Synaptic Fracture" project. The track is a mammoth 9-minute Industrial-Doom/Death epic called 'Halcyon Dirge'. The music is a sprawling progressive musical journey with many twists and turns.


golden temple halcyon days
plague of despotic heresy
waves of catastropic disease
parasitic spirit
synthetic blood acidic

ruins of a failed utopia
lament mankind's frailty
sifting mangled fragments of long-dissolved memory
metal shell spawn cruelty

grinding teeth of the ruthless beast
our carcass-littered eden firebombed
scorched earth vultures circle vortex violence vex the calm

churning waves of halcyon flames
exquisite all-consuming pain
ultraviolet lifeforce collapse in the tempest's wake
lacerated faces cringe as the razors penetrate
winter of impending anguish
coiling snakes suffocate us
bloodlet saints on granite altars
utopian dream destined to falter
boiling souls all shall suffer
draped in pall of snow and sulphur

drifting mind in seas of sleep
searching blind the secret keys
disembodied psyche submerged deep
slowly through the mist of disregarded memories
accursed phantoms thrash in their lost scionic priories

blooming madness from the skull divine
clouded mind choked by crawling vines
seraph cloaked in blood and ash
crimson vesture nightmare mask
our flower of guilt is the deity of thought
wilt and cower by futile piety wrought


released March 26, 2010
Music and Lyrics: E.M. Hearst / Synaptic Fracture