INFRA 10​-​01: Exocation

by The NULLL Collective

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The january release is another track by The NULLL Collective. This is also the first release from the 'De Monstris' concept.


i walk the bleeding edges of the prime realities
where death churns like a sea of dragons
the embodiment of emptiness howls and echoes
lesser planes filter in from the black deep

aeons slither away in fear of the emptiness
of the endless fall that undoes
a single star cries for deliverance
nothing in the waves of reality

crawl the surface of the maggot sun
howling beasts claim the stars
bleed away into nothing, from failed reverence
form forced godhood, to nothing, again

and aeons flee, still, time surrounds
machinations without will nor care
lesser voids like angels soar
invariance of the soul, void became

and here, exocation, deformation, of self
divine monsters make up my souls
entwined gods lost individuality
in a greater construct of void-self

and forever, exocation, evolution of self
eterinty cannot describe the moments
infinity cannot grasp the core
i see the edge, i see your end

reality breathes through me, lives in me
stars are the fabric of these souls
that churn in the void of me
exocation of the void-self, invariably


released January 29, 2010
Music and Lyrics by: The NULLL Collective